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Le BFF Club
Cynthia Moos

Welcome to Le BFF Club

Your Online Community for French Art de Vivre

About Le BFF Club

Le BFF Club's ultimate mission is to help you infuse French art de vivre into your everyday, via monthly conversations and curated content: from art, to language, to style and food... 

This is your safe space to learn, ask questions and connect with like-minded Francophiles about a country and a culture you love. Get ready to travel from the comfort of home, I'm taking you to my home region: Provence!

Why You Should Join Me

Whether you're looking to improve your speaking and comprehension skills, or are just in curious mind looking to learn more about the French culture, I will be your companion in your journey, cheering you on along with other like-minded Francophiles who make the wonderful community of Le BFF Club!


To all of you, for trusting me and letting me share my stories and perspectives as a French native. I have so many ideas for us to keep learning and grow our community of French lovers.